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Buenos Aires

Recoleta and Soho contrast

sunny 31 °C

Arrived after almost 3200 KM travelling where I think around 2600 was on buses.
Nice trip I really enjoyed it.

Finally I would like to show you two parts of Buenos Aires the Cemetery Recoleta where the upper class has builded nice small Cemetery and Palermo Soho a more trendy Neighborhood in Buenos Aires




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Rosario Argentina

Argentine life outside of Buenos Aires

sunny 36 °C

Friday I spend the day walking around Rosario. Rosario is a medium size Tows on the located on Rio Parana. It is a nice city with a long waterfront and islands with beaches. I think I was still impressed from Montevideo but I also like Rosario first time for me outside of Buenos Aires.

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Montevideo …. Rosario

A long hard Bus ride

sunny 35 °C

picture_019.jpgBack again on the Bus, yesterday travel on the Bus from Montevideo to Rosario Argentina. 11 Hours to go, at the boarding the drivers told us that there is no Air Condition working on the Bus, it was a special adventure we had around 40 C in the bus and some wind was getting in. Finally we arrived during the night in Rosario. The Trip went to Gaucho land interesting to see.
Today I don’t want see a bus.
I am also close to Buenos Aires now there are only 4 hours bus ride remaining.

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Montevideo …. Stories …. That’s Life …..

Thinks difficult to explain

sunny 28 °C

I promised you to tell some stories about Montevideo what touched me most. First the stories about Trash bins. There are everywhere trash bins on the street and I was surprised to see so many horse and cart going around the city to collect trash. There is a business the model is to go around the city and check the trash bins for any items of value. Not a bad concept, I also have seen the couple driving the horse and chart, happy to get photo shouted. Later on I have seen the couple sitting in a park and relaxing.


The second story is the two boys getting some food in front of a house and sharing it. I am still not so sure what it is but I think I am not used to see the moment like that it is poverty and lovingness. There was a women who gave the food to them and the face of here and how the both shared the food and then still happy and greeting me. Soon I got this I called “helper syndrome” but there is nothing what I can do That’s Life. I would like to change that but I cannot change it now. This moment’s still goes through my head and I think a lot about these moments.


Now Argentina is waiting vamos a Rosario

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Faces of Montevideo

Montevideo seen with my eyes many nice photo

sunny 28 °C

montevideo_521.jpgAfter walking in Montevideo I got the idea to make a small Photo project I have called it “Faces of Montevideo”. I have dived my photos into two main sections, People and Monuments. Please be aware that this is my Montevideo how I have seen it you may will see it with your eyes and reality totally different but that’s how we are. One think really touched me I have called it the “Happy Couple” a men and a women collecting trash on the street of Montevideo look in there face when there was happy to get on my photo. Wow sometimes I think how difficult is my life but seeing that I don’t know sometimes I god my life is. Traveling let me experience myself and reflex my life. Enjoy the photos if you want you can ask me what are my favorites and tell me yours. Also please give me your Feedback I would like to know where I can improve Christian.Bader@mac.com . There is a lot what I can tell you and I will I have some time to write on the bus tomorrow on my trip to Rosario but I am now just getting the picture on the net and the internet is very bad. Just one think Montevideo reminds me on some parts of Buenos Aires.

Happy days in Montevideo have a look

Faces ..... People

Faces ..... Monuments

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Bus Life Extreme Busing

Florianopolis … Porto Alegre … Montevideo

semi-overcast 24 °C

Picture_007.jpgMonday morning it raining again dark clouds over Florianopolis time to leave to Bus Station “Extreme Busing” is waiting. I have devided my trip into to two legs. Leg one goes from Florianopolis to Porto Alegre. 8 Hours in “Anjo class”. Brazil long distance buses are divide1 in mainly 3 Classes “convencional” = economy “executivo” = Business and “leito” = First Class. The second legs starts a 22 PM in Porto Alegre and goes and will arrive in Montevideo at 9 AM this part I will travel in leito. Most important for bus trips is to have the IPod working otherwise you need to listen to all the nice movies in Portuguese.
The bus left Florianopolis and we are driving on a road on the right side the mountains on the left side the atlantic ocean very nice scenery the rain has stopped and I am looking forward my 24 hours on the bus.
Arrived at Puerto Alegre I had some time and I went downtown to get a short impression about the city. Nice place but I don’t have time to explore it more.
The second leg started at 22 pm and should arrive at Montevideo 9:30 in the morning, before getting on the bus I was able to make some nice photos from people on the station.
It was a very smooth ride to Montevideo I got up at 5 am and the scenery has changed. I describe it ask “Gaucho land” I liked it. After a short stop in Punta del Este we arrived in Montevideo. I realy enjoyed the trip.

Now I need to relaxed and later on I will walk around.

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Rainy days Florianopolis


rain 20 °C

I am arrived on Saturday morning by bus from Foz do Iguacu, washed out from a 14 hours bus ride after looking for a place to stay, I started to have a look around the city. Florianopolis is remote city with has his own pace and a nice street market.
There is not much to see, the main attraction here are the beaches “Praia in Portuguese”. The day started partly cloudy with some sun but the forecast was not very pleasant. ” Rainy days” so I decide to visit the main surfer’s beach on Saturday “you never know when the rain is coming”. A nice spot if you have the right weather. I enjoyed looking to the Kitesurfer.
Sunday today it is raining “Cats and Dogs” not a good beach day and it looks like rain tomorrow. That’s life I have changed my plans and I got a bus ticket for Monday morning to Porto Alegre and then a night bus to Montevideo. I will not visit Punta del Este in Uruguay because it is not the right season my experience from Florianopolis go to the beaches at summer time.
Instead I liked the country side from Argentina and I never travel outside of Buenos Aires I will not go by Boat from Montevideo to Buenos Aires I will take bus to Rosario and then from Rosario to Buenos Aires.

There is not so much to say more

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Cataratas Argentina

Mariposa … Cataratas Argentina

sunny 28 °C

IMG_0340.jpgToday I went to Cataratas the Iguacu Waterfalls in Argentina.
The main different between the Argentina side and Brazil is that from Brazil you have a wider panorama view from Argentina you look down into the falls. Yesterday I was saying I don’t know how much water goes down every second now I know it, around 13 000cu per second that a lot. You heard the sound and feel the mist it is impressive just have a look to the picture and enjoy the water.
On the way back I decide not to use the small train that brings you to the falls I walk back and I enjoy the walk with the Mariposas, never walk some kilometers with so many Mariposas (Butterflies) and it is a difficult to describe the feeling. Mariposas was around where I was looking and I felled like covered, that a feeling of happiness and complied
I enjoyed my walk and day. That’s a must to do.

On the end some remarks, I was thinking there should be not much different between the Brazilin and Argentine side from a country perspective. But is it was the Argentine side is very specific compared to the brazilin yep also how both country handle their border. The brazilin basically don’t care how is coming or leaving on the Argentine side you need to get stamped when you arrive and leave.

I had a very nice day and I am now on my way with the night bus to Florianopolis.
The beach is waiting.

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Foz do Iguaçu Brazil

The Waterfalls at Riu Iguacu on the brazilin side

overcast 23 °C

IMG_0270.jpgI arrived last night around 2 am at Foz do Iguaçu Brazil.
Foz do Iguaçu is at the state of Parana at the Rio Iguacu. Thousands of years before the waterfalls where discovered by Europeans the falls were a holy burial place for the Tupi Guarani and Paraguas tribes.
The falls are unequally shared between Brazil and Argentina and today
I visited the Brazilin side. For me this place has a magic you not only hear the power of water you feel it and smell it. I don’t know how many liters of water get through the falls per second or minute but it is a incredible number and I was feeling the power. I was walking along the canyon and the falls look from every view different I it amazing how many different animals you can see and make great photos.
On my way home I walk around the city and have seen that basic dustcarts.

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Car Life

on the way to the airport in Sao Paolo that's fun

semi-overcast 25 °C

On my way to the airport! If you think the traffic jam on Calle 50 in Panama around 5:30 is big forget it. Try the Marginal the ring road in Sao Paolo. WoW so fare you can see red back light. 3 Km in 30 minutes that’s what you need.
To get from the office to the Airport during pick rush hour took me 1:30 hours, my flight to Curitiba around 500 km away is only 1 hours. Imagine there are people living in Sap Paolo there have to spend much more time every day in the traffic.
The good think is there are a lot of Street sellers were you can get soda and snacks on the highway. That’s an adventure but I really don’t need that every day. Now I am waiting at the airport to fly to igauzu

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Sao Paolo a good place to think

overcast 29 °C

Today is a working but I would like to share some more thinks. First my travel blog should share with you about my travel, my feelings, my thinking and all what is going on.
Yesterday I went running in the morning and I realize how I create my reality and how that’s affect me how I think and create my world. It was a nice Sunday morning and I was thinking to go running on the street then the first think what went on my head was “someone will rope my IPod hey that’s a good reason not to go running” Hey how stupid I am I look for reason not to do it instead for reason do make it happen. So if my fear is that my IPod got stolen let the IPod home, I was running years with out on why now think “negative”. During my run I was realizing we intend to think on the problems and all what can go wrong instead of what can go right.

That was my attitude in the pas with travelling in Brazil, Oi I don’t understand the language nobody understand me that cannot work.
Everything is difficult wow only looking for problems. Since some month I change my attitude and thinks what’s can good happen and I found the nice places like yesterday the street market, I meet friends and had my first lesson in Portuguese. Great stuff

What was my learning don’t look for what will not work look for what is working and start to sharing it will help me to let the negative thinking go and the options that I have.

We never stop to learn. Here I am again on what my friend Roy is saying “What is the sense of living? To learn stuff and share it” I like it so much because that’s keep this difficult question so simple.

The Road is waiting.

Mindset = Street life “nothing can stop me”

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Sao Paolo

Street Life

sunny 31 °C
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Just a weekend in Sao Paolo. I went often to Sao Paolo but never took the time to see the real life.
Yes I have done the City tours this time I decide to just experience the street life. Saturday I took the adventure to get a local SIM Card for my phone. Falar portugues !! I am improving and now my phone is working it took me 2 days but I am up and running. On Saturday night I toured around A. Paulista and Consolacao. On my way home I one picture touched me there is a high end shopping street in Jardins Oscar Freire and before a super market a child was sitting in a paper box at 12 pm during night. That’s street life, poor and riche wow.
On Sunday I started my day by running from Farima Lima to Av. Paulista and I discovered the a street market where you can see my Street Sunday life.


Last but not least you see the guy on street with there human trucks that’s also street life you can see them also on the marginal.

Now I am getting hungry for more !!

I only say a lot of Water is coming.

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